Professional studio for video editing

Gone are the days of long and painful processes of analog linear video editing, coupled with a lot of gluing, labels, long explanations and rework. Today, it is possible to mount an elementary video clip under the strength of an ordinary schoolboy, and all thanks to modern digital technologies.

Digital video editing is a nonlinear way to mount video directly in a computer system, and at the everyday level everything can be done by the same person. The home-level video is done, as they say, “in one sitting”: sketched out the script, removed and edited it according to his own author’s and director’s plan. It remains only to find grateful spectators, ready to applaud creative successes.

Today, to engage in simple digital video editing, you can literally on any gadget: from the tablet to the smartphone. However, professional installation in high quality is possible only in professional installation packages. For example, one of the most popular programs for digital video editing has been and remains Adobe Premiere, loved by many, thanks to a convenient and intuitive interface, as well as a pretty rich function. Moreover, from year to year the program changes before our eyes for the better and becomes more accessible for the beginning users, ready to study the secrets of video editing.

The principle of installation in this and similar video editors is not difficult. The video is transferred to the computer by capture from the video editor (camera, disk, etc.). It is built on a timeline and edited with the help of special tools, after which it is displayed and saved in a format corresponding to the further uses. For example, if the video is intended to be broadcast over the Internet, the FLV container is selected if it is stored in MPEG2 for later creation of the DVD, the AVI or MP4 format is sufficient for viewing in home players.

Digital video editing in Adobe Premiere is also convenient because all files and various associated data are stored in one localized location, initially defined when creating the project.

The interface of the program is quite pleasant, the number and location of all kinds of working windows can be customized at your discretion. But in any case, you can do it in a few seconds. Separately, it should be noted that when creating a project and its sequence, it is important to carefully consider all the presets, which directly affects the subsequent viewing and display of the video.